Thursday, 16 November 2017

Basingstoke B 3 Winchester B 2


Southampton League:
Division 3

Basingstoke B  3  Winchester B 2

Wins from Graham Phillips and Adam Matthews plus draws from John Shaddick and Ewart Smith give 'stoke the points.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Result: Fareham A 2 1/2 Basingstoke A 2 1/2

Southampton League Result:

Division 2

Fareham A  2 1/2  Basingstoke 2 1/2

Wins from Liam Blanc and Barry Kocan plus a draw from David Graham earn 'stoke a draw at Division leaders Fareham.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Fixtures w/c Mon.13th Nov'17

Tuesday 14th November'17
Southampton League
Division 2
Fareham A v Basingstoke A

Wednesday 15th November'17
Southampton League
Division 3
Basingstoke B v Winchester B

Friday, 10 November 2017

Godalming A 3 1/2 Basingstoke A 3 1/2

Borders League Result:

Division 2

Godalming A  3 1/2  Basingstoke A  1 1/2

Basingstoke points came via 3 draws by Ivan Stipcevic, Ewart Smith and Barry Kocan

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Joe French Cup results

Joe French Cup Results:

1st Round

David Graham  1/2  Ivan Stipcevic  1/2
* Ivan Stipcevic  wins Blitz tie break game to gress to round 2

Graham Phillips  0  Steven Jones  1

Borders League Result

Borders League Result:

Division 6:

Basingstoke B  3  Crowthorne E  1

* Wins from Shwetal Bhatt, Alistair Archibald and Yasmin Phillips give the points to 'stoke over a young Crowthorne side.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Southampton League Cup Result

Southampton League Cup result:

Division 4/5 Cup:

Winchester C  3  Basingstoke C  1

A win from Graham Phillips was not enough to prevent 'stoke exiting the Cup.

A fifth board game (bonus ball) was played and was graded.

This resulted in a win for Adam Matthews.

Hence total result  Winchester C  3  Basingstoke C  2

Monday, 6 November 2017

Joe French Cup result

Joe French Cup result:
2nd Round.

James Chilton 1 Ciaran Churcher (junior)  0

Southampton League News

Southampton League News:

* Ringwood B have withdrawn from Division 2 of the league.
* Ringwood C also withdrew but have since re-considered and re-entered.
* In the Robertson Plate Basingstoke have been drawn away to Southampton University B.

Fixtures w/c 6th November'17

Fixtures w/c 6th November'17

Monday 6th November'17.
Southampton League
Division 4/5 Cup
Winchester C v Basingstoke C

Wednesday 8th November'17
Borders League
Division 6
Basingstoke B v Crowthorne E

Southampton League
Division 5
Basingstoke C 4 Ringwood C
* Match conceded by Ringwood Chess Club.

Thursday 9th November'17
Borders League Division 2
Godalming A v Basingstoke A